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Default another ABS bar be cube review/mods/picture

heat plate.jpgspent another warm day trying new plate I had made. this goes where the original plates goes(one level down from here) I put a water pan on top of this,modified the charcoal to a u shape using what came with it plus a firebrick, put a full chimney full of charcoal RO,plus abt three double handfuls of lump, lit abt 12 charcoal put at back side of the u, hooked up the digi-Q set for 255. took a little over an hour to get there,then lasted for 2 hours b4 adding a handful of lump then 2 more. might start with more lit to get up to temp faster? all in all I've been pleased with this smoker, its built good, ss racks needs to be apart more for me. But it has done me well, But... after alot of research for my way to cook ,I've gone from wanting a lang60 to a spicewine. this will be for sell after this seasons over.just want a longer cook time with less babysitting. sorry to ramble on this is more for new bar be cube owners or those wanting one, you will be satisfied.
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