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I don't think it'll be cured in 3 days if you do a dry cure, go 5-7. Wet curing or brining will speed up the process but I much prefer the dry cure (easier to do larger quantities).

The only time I've had to do a fresh water soak due to saltiness was the time I did the wet brine. I found following Rulman's basic cure recipe, I never need a fresh water soak, it's perfect every time.

Friday night I started a batch myself - basic cure, fresh cracked pepper, jalapeño dust and a bit of fresh maple syrup. Should be smoking next weekend!

Don't forget to rinse after curing and let the pellicle form, I usually let them set overnight in the fridge on cookie cooking racks so airflow can reach all sides of the belly.

Once you make your own, you won't eat the store bought stuff!
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