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Default BPS Rack of Pork and a Chicken

I got out of work a little early today and decided to cook some dinner since I wouldn't have a chance to this weekend. I had a rack of pork (from Costco) laying around and grabbed a chix on the way home.

I hit 'em with a little of BPS seasoned garlic salt, BPS Money rub and a little of their Bacon Jalapeno rub & let 'em sweat.

I was feeling extra lazy (a little under the weather actually) and figured I'd just lay down, doze, and glance at the Maverick between snores. The Maverick comes in real handy for a "sit on yer butt" type of cook, which this most definitely was. Yes I'm rocking white socks and sandals and I have the pit and food probes crossed up. I'm feeling super lazy and basically just wore out.

Took a peek a ways into the cook.

I put both the chix and pork in at around 225 pit temp and just let it climb until it was done - it got to about 280 or 290 pit temp. I pulled the pork off at 140 IT and let it coast the rest of the way up - but not without throwing on some Happy Ending finishing rub first.

Not long after I pulled the chix off at 165 IT and let it rest for about 10 minutes. I normally cook chicken at a hotter pit temp and the reason why is the skin absolutely blows cooked at lower temps.

I do have a sliced pic, but photobucket sucks. When I resize that particular photo it turns it into another photo I've already deleted (yes I dumped the cache). From now on I'll probably be using another photo site.

Anyway, this was one of those functional type meals - nothing fancy but still dang good. Pork was tender and juicy and the chix was great except for the skin. These rubs are fantastic btw.

Thanks for looking!
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