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You mean like this?

We make ours in like a 10 gallon crawfish pot and ladle out what we need, we keep it simmering during the whole cook.
Pit chicken mop:
1gallon worchestershire
1 gallon white distilled vinegar
1 cup coarse black pepper
2 gallons of water
3 Vidalia onyawns rough chopped
Bout 20 oz Cookin oil (canola)
5 lemons halved, squeezed and dropped in
Bout 5 beers
Entire contents of 1 bottle of flavor glow tasty blend. Lawrys will work also. We never season ahead of time because we don't have storage for that much food. Rub with dukes or hellmans mayo original and Just a light season of Harley's and chunk em on the pit. We mop twice everu flip.15min bone side down, 5 min skin side down and cook till leg bone is twists and or thigh Easily separates. Fantastic every time. Definitely no competition winner, but damn it's something you can eat alot of and just simply be full and content!

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