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Originally Posted by amexsanderso View Post
Hopefully somebody out there has installed a BBQ-Guru fan with the air inducer tube and can answer a couple of questions:

I have a CharGriller with a side fire box and just bought a CyberQ kit, which includes an air-inducer tube that connects to a fan that controls airflow for the firebox. I want to make sure that I install it in the optimal way and minimize ash disturbance.

1. Should I install the tube at the end of the firebox with the damper on it, or at the other end (the opening to the smoking chamber)? I could make cases for either side and want to know if it makes a difference.
You do not wat the fan in the smoking chamber.. It is designed to provide air to the hot coals to regulate temperature.

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2. BBQ-Guru suggests that the tube be installed 2" below the firebox's fire plate. I am wondering if that will cause some kind of problem for the ash deposits underneath the fire-grate. I mean, won't the external fan's exhaust into the firebox kick up a lot of ash, and maybe transport that ash into the smoking chamber?
Although I do not have a CharGiller, you can slightly raise the charcoal grate to allow the air between the ash pan and the coals.

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If anybody has any insight, please let me know - I want to get this right the first time!
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