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Originally Posted by DJK View Post
I'm far too new here to feel it's my place to give you my unfiltered opinion, so I'll simply offer the friendly reminder that you don't have to, and if you choose to enable a certain kind of behavior, your rant should probably be directed at yourself.
Guess I should clarify. I usually can fix something we all can eat, so I am not cooking for 4 different taste every day, but it is somewhat of a trick to please everyone at the same time. This does not always happen, with a 4 year old that can either hate or love the same thing on a different day. As for my wife, she seriously can not handle spicy, or heavely smoked meat, this seams to have gotten worse the last couple years and it is a bit frustrating, since I used to smoke something every week and she always loved it.

I don't believe I am allowing a certain kind of behavior, but I do like to see people enjoy the food I set before them, rather than tossing it into the trash later on. I can not force others to eat something they do not like, especially my wife, or a 30 year old. For instance my son will, and has become physically sick to his stomach when I am cooking any kind of sausage, it begins as he is walking down the sidewalk and gets worse the closer he gets, until he is standing in my kitchen puking in the trash can and complaining of a migraine. You really are not suggesting I force him to eat sausage right. As for leftovers, I usually can work them into other meals, many times they don't even know it, but if they do and I put it on their plate they will eat it, they just wont reach in the fridge and pull it out on their own.

I married into a family that tends to be very particular about their food, and even can become sick from it. On the other hand and a big part of the problem, is I can eat just about anything with no ell effects, making it hard for me to understand others lack of enjoyment of all foods. Life would be so much easier if everyone could eat like I do, but that ant gong to happen. Having said all that sometimes I do cook different things for the same meal, for reasons I have mentioned, or due to the fact there is something I really want on any given night, so in the end you may be right, maybe my rant is about me and not them. Gess looks like another rant.
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