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Default Big Baby Double Barrel tuning and maintaining heat

So I have a big baby double barrel I built. This is the first smoker I've ever owned and while I'm loving it, I'm hoping I can get some tips here to help maintain the cooking temps in the upper chamber.

My first question is around sealing the door. I chose to go with the design of cutting a door size hole out of the top barrel and then hinging a seporate piece of a 3rd barrel overlapping by 1" all teh way around as my door. My problem is it leaks pretty bad. I first tried rope gasket and that seemed to work until a storm blew the smoker over and the rope gasket fell off... I tried putting it back on but it wouldnt' stick... so I'm wondering if this is truly the way I should go for sealing my door or if there's another option?

Second is crafting a tuning plate. Currently I smoker is built in somewhat of an S design. I have a single flu leading up from the fire box into the smoking chamber on the right side (looking at the smoker) then I have a single smoke stack on the left side for the smoke to exit. I have dampners on both the flu and the exit stack but current my smoker cooks very similar to a normal offset in that where the flu comes in cooks really hot, the middle cooks about perfect and the left where the smoke exits cooks cold. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions around tuning plate designs. I considered using the scrap from where i cut the door out of the smoker, turning it curved side up and drilling holes to try and dispate the heat evenly through out the smoker... is this a good option or are there some other craftier ways to handle tuning my smoker?
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