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Originally Posted by jonmhenderson View Post
Hey all! Great to be on the forum! I hope someone will be able to help me with a question. I have a custom made Santa Maria BBQ pit with a 24"X20"X14" firebox with an Argentine V Slot style cooking screen. When I look at pictures online of the pits at Jocko's, the Hitching Post, et al, they all have raging fires in their cookers. I'm not able to get enough airflow into the firebox to create that kind of fire. I had my pit made like the ones I see on various websites, so there is no draft intake. It's just a solid firebox. Any insight how to make the fire happen like this places would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!
Just be patient, I have about the same size Santa Maria PIT. You will need a lot more wood than a closed smoker. The raging fire is not for cooking. Once it has burned down to glowing coals is the time to start cooking.
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