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Originally Posted by Outboard Racer View Post
First off great job on your build!! I was wondering if you did put a coat of primer on 1st or did you just paint it black with a couple of coats as it really looks nice, and matches well. Also was wondering where you picked up your rib rack? Wanting to build a small smoker as well just not sure how to go about it yet

I spent a WHOLE lot of time sanding with a really fine grit sanding block, and before I sprayed it I sanded the entire pot in the same directions, going from side to side and no up and down that way all the little sanding grooves would be the same directions and not be swirly. I don't know if that really helped get it smooth in the end, but it couldn't hurt.

I didn't prime anything because the paint I used didn't call for it, I just cleaned it up really well with some of the Rustoleum Grease and Wax Remover that I got from Autozone too. The paint I used was Rustoleum Caliper paint from Autozone and it did the entire pot in one can even though I purchased two. It's a bit pricey at about $8 a can, but I have used the red version before and the finish came out great on my Z's calipers and it's rated for 900 degrees too, so no way the heat is going to hurt it.

Another good tip is to always end your passes on the bottom of the pot and not on the sides. I hate it when paint has that dull look in certain spots from that little bit of overspray on the freshly painted areas. Ruins that smooth finish.

And I got the rib rack from Home Depot I think. It fits the mini WSM like a glove. I haven't used it yet but it looks promising. It's really thick metal round bar so don't have to worry about it rusting away or wearing out anytime soon.

Good luck if you build a mini WSM though, I love love love mine. And it fit my budget easily.
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