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Originally Posted by creekwalker View Post
By the way, has anyone reported making measurements of temperatures just a little ways above the fire in barrel cookers? I've read the first 165 pages of the big UDS thread, a pittance, (!) along with a few of the last pages, and such a thing could have been reported there, but if so I have forgotten it. (And somehow didn't have the wit to include it in my notes.)

Great idea... honestly I've never put my hand above the firebox of my UDS running at 250. I've only ever felt hot coals in an open grilling type situation where the goal is to get em screaming hot>

Rifraf, please do this and report your results! With the PBC burning at its default temp of around 275, the coals are much more subdued and maybe the heat isn't as hot as we think it is. Later on in the cook it will probably be even cooler with all the drippings
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