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Originally Posted by willbird View Post
Also anything that drips out or runs off the meat flows downward which might help balance out the temperature ?? Sort of a built in cooling system :-).

Brilliant! It could be The Stall, becoming greater and greater as the juices slide down the meat, giving more and more evaporative cooling. (Actually not The Stall, but a stall, happening continuously during the cook.) And maybe it's also, as Pitmaster T suggests, because the fire is not as hot as people think.

By the way, has anyone reported making measurements of temperatures just a little ways above the fire in barrel cookers? I've read the first 165 pages of the big UDS thread, a pittance, (!) along with a few of the last pages, and such a thing could have been reported there, but if so I have forgotten it. (And somehow didn't have the wit to include it in my notes.)
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