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Originally Posted by Heisenberger View Post
so if we can cook a brisket so close to the coals without it burning, does this change the 24'' rule of thumb of the UDS? or does the ability to cook it close have more to do with the verticality of the meat on the PBC? I feel like if you put a horizontal brisket 10 or 15 inches from the coals, it will burn to oblivion. I guess this is the beauty of the PBC?
I would venture to say you are absolutely right!!!!!. Heck the end of that brisket was MUCH closer than even 4 inches, it was fine.... nothing on the whole brisket that I would not be able to eat or even felt burned. I figured one inch of burned meat was no big deal if the rest was good.... but there was nothing burned.

We all know if we made a rack where the brisket was 4 inches off the coals it would burn..

but wait....I am thinking

you know... if you look back at the ribs video you can see chunks of wood that are still "wood color" even 4 hours into the burn... so maybe the coal bed is not as hot as we think.

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