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Make sure you get extended height or you won't be able to get an exhaust hood in it. I have a 24' with a 7' porch. We built our cooker it is a cabinet style cooker with barn doors, it is 6' tall 4' wide and 3' deep. It is wood fired, it also had a propane burner in it until last week when it blew up and gave me 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my left leg, it is now leaning against the wall in the shop. LOL Also watch them GA trailers I won't mention any names but the next trailer I get will come from Indiana!! If it comes with Taskmaster tires on it they won't make it back to Canada, I wore out all 4 tires in less than 500 miles, checked alignment and nothing was wrong, put on a set of 10 ply radials and no wear in 3000 miles.
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