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Default How to cut a Picanha

I'd like to share with you all on how to cut a picanha from a whole top sirloin block. It is quite easy to do. The picanha is the rump cap also known as sirloin cap, NAMP184D.

Top view

Here you can see the picanha. It is the lower muscle with the fat cap on bottom.

Very easy to separate.

Follow your knife down the natural seam.

This is how it looks when you get to the end. Their is a thick layer of fat at the end. That is where you cut to separate the picanha from the rest of the block.

bottom view

Trim the thick layer of fat that separated the picanha.

Here is is cleaned up. Removed all the silver skin, fat etc.

Sliced against the grain about an inch and a quarter thick.

Ready for the skewers!!!
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