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Originally Posted by eddieh70301 View Post
It looks like you didn't pre-cook the bacon enough. Shrimp do not take long to cook so you almost need to cook the bacon all the way. I usually pull the bacon right before it starts getting crispy. Over a hot fire, shrimp might only take a couple minutes. Any more than that it can get tuff.
It does take practice as different size shrimp take different times to finish.
When I grill bacon wrapped shrimp, I grill over direct heat, 350 or so. I base with BBQ sauce during the last 30-45 sec of grill time.
Thin bacon works best for this.
I'll add my two cents. Eddie is right, shrimp cook quick on a hot barbie. Y'all may call it heresy, but I put a double paper towel on a plate and lay four pieces of regular thin hardwood smoked oscar myer bacon on it. Then I put down another paper towel, and lay four more pieces at an angle to the others. I keep on layering the bacon that way. Then, I pop it in the microwave - can't remember how long, five to eight minutes or so. Pretty well along on cooking it up, but not finished or crispy yet.

Then I roll my preseasoned shrimp in the precooked bacon slices a few on a skewer at a time then cook 'em.

Come out pretty good every time - YMMV.

Trey in Houston
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