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Originally Posted by Grain Belt View Post
I don't pretend to know your situation so this is only pure speculation...

It is certainly possible that it is purely a personal preference/taste issue and your wife just doesn't like smoked/spiced foods.

It also could be a bit of a power struggle where she disapproves of your hobby or attention to it and she is showing her irritation by being overly critical of the food. I am a bit of a grill fanatic and can tell my wife is irritated if I focus on my hobby a little too much. Again, just spitballing a bit and I don't pretend to know your relationship with your wife.
Well sure its a personal preference/taste issue, but has been getting worse in the last couple years. I have backed way off what you call a hobby I used to do competitions but no more, and it is the only one I have so don't think that is it either. Just getting very difficult to come up with things I think she can eat, when I have very little trouble eating almost anything. Really do not want to cook several things each night so she can eat one of them. The problem is also exasperated by my son and grandson with their different taste. Sometimes I feel like a short order cook in a little dinner out in the woods. Makes it hard to make ends meet when you have to shop and cook for 4 different taste, and to make it worse I am the only one that will touch leftovers.
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