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Question How to start a smoker fire

Hi. I have a CharGriller with a side firebox. I fashioned a good charcoal basket that fits well. I can smoke pretty well, but I spend way too much time tending to the fire cuz I don't know what I'm doing. I need to learn how to start a "slow fire" that lasts a while, rather than dumping a chimney full of coals in and adding more frequently. Right now I manage the smoker temperature by keeping the firebox door propped open at various levels - stupid, I know, but it works, however inefficiently.

I would like to learn how to start a slow fire so I don't have to manage the smoker temp by propping open the smoker door.

BTW - I just bought a BBQ Guru CyberQ wifi to help manage the temperature, but that unit assumes I know what I'm doing and just want to walk away from the smoker for a while...

Also, I'm going to put some high-heat caulk in this weekend to seal the air gaps in the smoker as much as possible, to minimize heat loss.

Anything anyone can help me with, is more than I know now!

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