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Default Saving grace.

My wife has become increasingly critical of any smoked food and I mean any. She claims she just does not care for it anymore, and only can tolerate it if it only has a very light smoke to it. She also has always been a wuss when it comes to any heat or even seasoning for that matter, even pepper is too much for her and it drives me up a wall. I really do try to cook so she can enjoy it but she has become even more critical with each passing day, and less tolerant. I am getting very discouraged and miss not being able to experiment when I see all these great looking, and sounding recipes posted here, but know they would never fly in my house.

Having said all that, I was beginning to question my abilities as a cook, until yesterday. I had smoked some meat for the first time in weeks, mostly stick to grilling of late. My Son and 4 year old grandson now living with me gave me several complements on the last batch of smoked meat which consisted of, country style ribs, sirloin tip roast and a leftover ham destine for a pot of beans. I finally got around to fixing the ham and beans yesterday and my Son just could not get over them, he also said his son would not eat them, but turns out he had thirds with coleslaw and corn bread. My wife on the other hand ask if I had smoked the meat, which I said yes and she complained, why do I have to smoke so much, it has several weeks since I have smoked anything. The sirloin tip roast that I smoked got raves from my daughter, she even tried to sneak the leftovers out of the house.

Anyway I do not know what to do, I just can not stand to eat nothing but bland food for the rest of my life, but I still want her to enjoy her food. I don't want to fire up a smoker just to cook something for myself and then fix her something different. I am confident my cooking abilities are on track just having a hard time dealing with this situation, if it were one of my kids complaining, I would just hand them a coupon to Arby's, and bid them farewell. Anyone else in this boat? Rant over.
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