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Found some matches.
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Hance, I'm glad you get what I was saying with it. I never post anything but am on here and read daily. It seemed like an answer was danced around throughout this thread. I agree with you about people discussing comp BBQ when they have not experienced other than one sanctioning body. I myself have only really experienced KCBS. I also have only been involved or around 3 competitions in the past 5 years. So as I said I am no authority what so ever.

But I have completely enjoyed the ones I have done. It took learning the rules and reading hours upon hours of information to actually start to "get it". For the most part you cook for a purpose and to your audience. If its a competition then you have got to know and attempt to at least try to nail the guidelines set for for tenderness. If not your basically a fool and wasting your time and money.

Now back to hiding in the shadows.
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