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I am definitely no authority on this subject as I have only done a handful of competition over the years. But from the way I have thought of it there are two parts to this question. The first on comp ribs being the texture part. Fall off the bone or bite through? I think it's really a matter of preference to the individual how they like theirs. I prefer the bite through with little resistance personally. But family and friends prefer closer to fall off the bone. My opinion is that some of the criteria for comp ribs is because of the texture score. How in the hell do you accurately judge texture without some sort of rules or criteria. So they are kind of set in the narrowest window. Just my opinion with it.

As for the second aspect of not liking comp ribs is the taste. Yet another completely subjective issue. I may prefer sweet and you may prefer spicy. Different strokes for different folks. A lot of times comp ribs are done a little over the top. If I am going to feed friends and family I'm going to have good flavor but not overwhelm. You want them to be able to enjoy them. As for judges, you have only a couple bites to make a real impression and set yourself apart from the other competitions. To me that is the biggest reason a lot of people don't like comp ribs. They are generally too much of whatever flavor to be able to enjoy many of them.

Just my $.02
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