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Originally Posted by Toney Marconi View Post
I think the OP was just wondering how the so called "comp style" criteria came to be. I have no idea personally.
I think the criteria was established simply because it's more or less correct and consistent with properly cooked BBQ. Unfortunately, a large number of people in this country for a long time didn't have access to authentic BBQ. Instead, their experience with ribs was most likely boiled or steamed in some fashion, either at a restaurant or at home. And when restaurants promote the fact that they fall off the bone, consumers think that's the sign of a good rib.

There's nothing wrong with preferring one texture over another and it probably has a lot to do with the kind of ribs someone grew up eating, or having a poor experience with a certain style, etc. Kind of like how different people like their steak cooked to different temperatures. There's obviously a general consensus as to what a good steak should be cooked to, but if someone likes theirs more or less done, that's fine too.
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