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Go to a big Asian Market and be amazed at all the varieties, it's literally amazing to see how many thousands there are. I like the Mi Goreng Brand. They come with mini crispy fried onions, chili sauce, flavoring oil, soy sauce, and something else I forget about all inside the noodle bag.

If I'm eating Top Ramen though, Ill add soy sauce and some toasted sesame oil and some Sriracha, maybe rice vinegar or a squeeze of lime if I want some tang. If I am not lazy I'll do some chopped green onions and a runny fried egg on top, but that's a rarity. There's a reason I'm eating ramen and more than likely it's because I don't wanna fire up any cooking pans or just really ain't all that hungry. That's why those Mi Goreng ramen are so nice, it's all in there and just dump and eat.

Strangely, I have never added meat to ramen ever. Guess I've always thought the "meat" is in that little packet of powder. There's ground up chicken in there right?
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