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Default my build thread for my uds.. wooo hoo

it started like any other build i suppose one man and a dream...

it was a warm, windy day, the sun was out and spring was just starting to spring, and my love for bbq and the need to make kick a$$ brisket and such had taken hold...
so i got a barrel... and began to turn it into something that would turn meat and other thing into other great things.. an ugly drum smoker but not gonna be so ugly when done... i hope

so i set a blazing fire in the drum after cutting to top off of it..

took some measurements i got off the forum here.. thanks guys for the info
and started my basic build..

purchased a whole saw bit from menards for about 8 bucks and the pilot bit for another 4... well worth it made real clean holes and went through like butta..

nice clean holes

next my 3 year old daughter and i put in the 3/4 inch black pipe nipples into the wholes.
i used the conduit lock nuts on the inside of the drum but you really dont need too they threaded in pretty tight but mabey over time they will loosen up..

next i drilled holes for the rack.. and handles on either side making sure to use stainless steel hardware...

i used $2 handles and a $9 grill grate all from menards..

i did one more burn with the hardware on and am to the point ware i need to paint and make a table and whar not.. i have 4 shopping cart caster i scored for free i am gonna put on after i make my tabls/cart for it so i can have it be portable when i want to but be able to take the smoker off the table/cart for cleaning or repair..ect...

thats all for now....

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