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Originally Posted by Svenmac View Post
The best thing Kcbs could ever do is have all judges shadow a team and see how much $$$$
Why does this matter? We all know the cost of participating. If I get a 7 and the judge thinks it's the worst thing he/she has ever tasted, what does a 7 tell me about that?

When I've judged, the table captain tried to tell me all this. When I said I cooked contests, the TC and the other judges quickly stopped telling me anything. I wanted to learn from them about what judges were thinking. A lot of times, it wasn't what I was, that's for d$#^ sure.

My point is that if you're going to play this game, learn the game. If not, get out. It costs money like anything other "sport" or game.

Personally, if I'm going to spend this much money to compete, I want to get a true indication of how my food is being received.
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