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Default Tandoori Leg Of Lamb (In Progress)

Well, there's this Indian Challenge in the TD forum but I was late to the game...(The vote thread should be up soon...)

Anyway, I've never made an Indian based marinade before and I LOVE Tandoori so...the suspects:

Missing from the pic is the whole milk yogurt, minced garlic, cardomon and pureed onion. The chili is Indian Hot Chili - about 30K Scovilles - same as cayenne.

Never pureed onions before. Found out it was easy.Boil and blender...


In the marinade...

ready to cook

And we're on the kettle...

Up to 61 degrees F IT...kettle is humming along around 310 degrees. Target temp was 300~325

I'll be making my saffron "yellow" rice. Michele (Redhot) had told me when we got together that she absolutely HATED rice. Until she had mine that is...

OH. Don't ask for a recipe as I sort of combined a couple, and didn't really measure because I tweaked it until I was happy...

More to come.
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