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Default Brisket Practice

I guess you could say I was inspired by the various threads regarding practice for competitions. It made me realize how close the first one of the year was for me and that I had a couple of new things I wanted to try on the flavor front. The camera happened to be close by from my duck project so..........

12 lb choice, nothing fancy, just a cheapo from walmart to mess with. Fairly aggressive trim like I do for comps.

Injected with Butcher's and rubbed down. Wrapped it up for the night and first thing in the morning unwrapped and reapplied rub where it looked like it needed it.

Into the Spicewine with oak and cherry for the smoke. Pulled it out to wrap.

Back in until it felt ready.......I don't rely on the temp, but always take it just for curiosity. 201 on this one. Seems I like them usually in the 198 -203 range........any how, saved the juices and gave it a rest for about an hour and a half, fat side up.

After the rest, unwrapped and got ready to slice....

I hit the slices with a 50/50 mix of the defatted juices and sauce. Wasn't too intested in getting an even application/appearance, but wanted to check the flavor mostly and see if it was something I wanted to move forward with.

I loved the flavor. Tasted much better to me than what I was running with last year. Think I will give it a shot...........hopefully the judges agree with me.

Medium Spicewine
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