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Originally Posted by Greulsd View Post
So I just committed to hosting a party this Saturday (6 days) and I'm pretty sure I want to do a pork shoulder and a brisket. I'm going to dry rub both and let them cook Friday into Saturday. I don't have my cuts of meat yet, but what kind of cooking time am I looking at with a good sized shoulder and a good sized brisket?

I have a a Weber 18.5 inch smoker I just bought. I've been reading and researching a ton. Been a lurker here for months. Really looking to nail this the first time around. I'll keep practicing if I don't, but I'd like to know if there are any secrets you could provide in terms of the best rub, best wood, or anything else I should look out for.

I honestly appreciate any help. Really trying to make this some great food for friends.

I didn't see if you mentioned your experience with BBQ in general. I know this won't be popular, but I would go into a party trying to serve some that I have never cooked before and on a smoker that I have never used before. If you have experience with briskets and butt then you may be OK, but if not, and can't get at least one cook in during the week, I'd order pizza
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