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Default Just bought smoker, hosting party!! Please help!

So I just committed to hosting a party this Saturday (6 days) and I'm pretty sure I want to do a pork shoulder and a brisket. I'm going to dry rub both and let them cook Friday into Saturday. I don't have my cuts of meat yet, but what kind of cooking time am I looking at with a good sized shoulder and a good sized brisket?

I have a a Weber 18.5 inch smoker I just bought. I've been reading and researching a ton. Been a lurker here for months. Really looking to nail this the first time around. I'll keep practicing if I don't, but I'd like to know if there are any secrets you could provide in terms of the best rub, best wood, or anything else I should look out for.

I honestly appreciate any help. Really trying to make this some great food for friends.

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