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Originally Posted by Svenmac View Post
So you don't think judges seeing how much work that goes onto BBQ and takes that knowledge into the tent with them would make them a more accurate scorer?

I wished I lived in your utopian world where personal preference, bias and preconceived ideas were abolished. Because in this world people including the judges have preconceived ideas on appearance, taste and texture. This translates to scores all over the place. Since you obviously think you are so smart why don't you develop a machine to test all three with laboratory accuracy?
Wow...relax on the personal attacks. I agree with civil it doesn't matter how much it costs that shouldn't be in a judges mind. I have seen guys with motorhomes and jambos get beat by guys in ezups and drums or folks with $100 briskets getting beat by Walmart selects. I don't see where any of that should matter to a judge?

I don't want to see the comments mandatory but leave them as an option. I would also like to see reps give some direction to the judges to explain to them not to try and tell us how to cook (e.g. don't use so much injection) but just what they are tasting and don't like (e.g. spicy) or what they don't like about the texture (e.g. tough) not a comment I have received in the past "you should cook it a little hotter or longer to be more tender".
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