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My firebasket is about 12" high and almost as big around as the weber charcoal grate( slightly smaller). How much charcoal should I be putting in this thing for a good cooking? The reason I asked is I filled the basket about 3/4 full yesterday and lit it up using the minion method. Temp did not take too long before it was up to 375 degrees with all the vents open as well as the top lid vent. I then got her brought down to "dead on" 225 degrees. It held there for about three hours or so then it dropped. I took my "fire poker" and mixed the coals around and "bam" she shot back up to 300 degrees in no time and I got it back down to around 250 degrees. Got up this morning and temp was around 175 degrees and barrel was still warm so I took a peak inside. I still had warm coals so again I stirred them up with my poker and opened another vent hole just so I can finish burning this charcoal up. Temp is now 300 degrees. My vents are all 1" on the bottom and of course the top is the regular hole in the drum lid that I can regulate with the cover plate. With all this being said, how much charcoal should I be using (along with the wood) in order to maintain a good steady fire. I feel like I had way too much charcoal in the basket. I would welcome any thoughts, opinions or help.


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