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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
Sorry, but that still doesn't play. Empathy for the participant is not a requirement of a good judge. By that standard, you'd expect every courtroom judge to grow up in poverty and struggle with drug addiction before they'd be allowed to hear a criminal case.

Is understanding the role of the competition cook a positive thing that adds to the experience of the CBJ? Yes. Is it a requirement or guarantee of competency? No.
Ok so you argue that judges should not shadow teams in your first post and then say it adds to the experience do a CBJ?

Ill agree it won't guarantee a thing, but maybe it will help the grumpy "nobody gets a nine" judge or the just there to eat "everybody gets a nine" judge determine if they should really be a CBJ because their attitudes can cost a cook a lot of money should they hit or miss , respectively, one of their tables.
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