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I can't go for the lighter fluid, but at least this guy uses briquettes instead of lump. How can people believe the hype that lump is better than briquettes?? Briquettes are processed and pressed into a scientifically efficient shape. Lump is just charred wood. They don't go to the trouble or expense to do things right with lump. It's cheaper to make that way.

It's like going to Piggly Wiggly and having a choice between a nekkid ribeye and one sealed in spices and marinade in a bag. The extra processing costs more, but it is scientifically proven to make the meat juicier and more flavorful. The bag is an extra expense too.

I would rather cook and eat like a sophisticated human being than a caveman!

Brinkman water smokers (elec and charcoal)
Weber kettle grill
Uniflame Gold Stainless 5 burner propane grill / rotisserie
BBQ Grillware upright propane water smoker
A trench filled with wood coals and covered with chain link fence
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