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This was my second weekend open and my days look like left my house at 8 am Thursday went to restaurant store then picked up meat and various items got home at 3 started prepping and cooking for the weekend went to bed at 11 woke up Friday at 3am left house at 4:30 all setup and started smoking ribs at 6:30 opened at 10:30 closed at 7 got home after cleanup at 8:30 went to bed at 12 back up at 3:30 and started it again closed at 6 and just got home at 7:15 so if you on't like sleep go for it. Things picked up a lot this weekend and can't wait until next week to do it again. I am 28 and tend to handle long hours with little sleep better than people retired. I pay rent so you have to Hussle to break even starting out.
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