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Progressive reaction ---- my comments increase in tact and diplomacy the farther they go down.

Comment one....(Barbefunkoramaque Mod) people that think lighting a load of coals with lighter fluid is ****ed up can go **** themselves. They are ****ers that know just enough to say stupid **** like "I can't believe he is using fluid to start charcoal." Or worse, "bbq is a lot of things, one thing it's not is lighter fluid" or the perennial phrase worthy of a bullet to the head "i can taste the fluid no matter who uses it." Go **** yourself.

Comment adaptation two (Popdaddy Mod) - I guess the use of fluid came be alarming to a dumb ass novice who probably can't use the **** anyway. Next your gonna say white smoke is bad and foil can or cannot be used... People this new to the BBQ Arts also prescribe to the "low and slow death march" then wonder why in secret their brisket it ****.

Comment adaptation three - (Pitmaster T Mod) I think as you gain experience up until you become a master of the pit arts, you may need to stay away from fluid. Most don't know how to use it... present company included as you are inferring it may be wrong. If you ever need a lesson or want to gain knowledge on how to use fluid to start a fire ask myself or some other master.

Comment adaptation four - (Teachmaster T) Final Answer - Noah is addressing an important point... not everyone may be as knowledgeable or patient as you so some may see charcoal and buy lighter fluid. So... he may as well comment on how to light it safely. Not everyone also has the discerning taste of a master, so they may not see the problem with it. Noah also comments elsewhere and in the literature itself that one can simply light the fire with the fire ring in the pit by pour on coals from a chimney. So he addresses it either way. One has to remember this product, although it appeals to a master like myself and many others here, also appeals to the guy with a 1996 Sable (so he can transport it), thats's newly divorced and living in an apartment with a little patio.

And I think I have proven it might be dangerous in the right hands as the damn thing cooks up a storm... either way... whether I lit it with fluid or not... it was irrelevant that I did.

Already addressed in this video at 9:20.

One other thing.... I find I spill too damn much these days when pouring the coals into the PBC after they are hot. LOL I made a hook to place it in the pit AFTER its lit.
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