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Thanks to everyone for this thread. I built mine a couple of weeks ago in an afternoon. The drum was free from work, unpainted inside, I used the lid/grates from my Weber (will buy new grates for it later), then the other normal stuff for a total of around $40 out of pocket.

I bought an ET-73 remote thermometer, much nicer than having to keep walking to the window or getting the kids to do a 'temp check'.

I normally use Kingsford original (loaded up a couple of years ago on Memorial Day) with apple but will probably run out of that this summer based on how much I'm smoking nowadays. I'm going to keep my eyes open for a good deal this Memorial Day for my next stockup.

I seasoned it with 2 fatties then did maybe 12 pieces of chicken that came out excellent. Last week I loaded up the rack with ~35 legs/thighs for church that disappeared in a hurry.

Today I'm doing my first Boston Butts, 13lbs total between the 2. I'm at 4.5 hours in with one at 164F. The smoker ran 240F +/-5 for the first couple of hours super steady with 1 cap off and valve ~2/3 open, but now we have some wind that has pushed it up to 270F so I'm having to close off some inlet air.

I cut the rolled edge off so the Weber lid would fit but it was hard to get a completely straight line with the Sawzall so I siliconed in a fiberglass rope seal on the lid. Much better and it works on the kettle also.

So far I love the UDS, much easier than smoking on the Weber. I could do 2 whole chickens on the Weber but had to babysit it the entire time. Brisket will be next in a week or two.

Pics (pardon the patio/yard, still working on fixing up this short sale we bought last fall and that's a low priority compared to other stuff):

Seasoning with 2 plain fatties

I plan on cutting the lid down to be a better ash pan

Butts rubbed and ready

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