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Originally Posted by Pete's Endless Summer BBQ View Post
The only problem I have had with peoples choice is certain teams having more friends etc... at event then others so they recieve more votes just because of that. Has anyone attended or participate in a People's Choice that perhaps is somehow "blind" to the public. I like fun, I think competition is fun- your gonna keep score I think you have to level the playing field, just saying.
I have to agree. As much fun as PC can be, unless you blind the judges (which is easy enough), the "competition" part ends up very unfair, it just becomes a popularity contest.

What venue were you looking at? I know the Riverhead BID still has some interest (they wanted to do a contest on the Peconic riverfront). I know the Riverhead Recreation Dept. would like to do a bbq contest. They did a grilling contest a few years ago. It was small and poorly advertised, but it was fun. It was in the picnic area of Stotzky Park.

So...I'd be interested, and I'd try to help. I don't have time to organize a big contest, but I will do what I can to help get it rolling, and I would certainly participate as long as all teams have a fair shot.

Chuck H.
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