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Default Wanting to start vending

Hi Folks! I have been lurking around this site for some time now and have frequented the catering area often. There is some great information here. Anyway, the past couple years I have contemplated (dreamed) of the idea of traveling the country selling 'q as a retirement plan. I know that some of you will say that sounds like too much work for someone who is retired but considering my previous occupations it sounds ideal to me. Anyway, I am still years from actual retirement age, but I have been thinking lately of what I could do to work my way into what I would love to do.
My ultimate goals would be to have a big trailer with big enough smoker to do major festivals like Sturgis Rally, state fairs, rock concerts, etc. I would fill in the time between doing catering gigs and prepping for next festivals. But that is a long ways away. For now I am trying to come up with a reasonable plan to get started.
What I would like to do to get started is concentrate on equipping myself for smaller catering gigs and street fairs. I was thinking of buying a tent, say around 20’ x 30’, setting up a kitchen area and a area for serving and looking for equipment that could be loaded (pushed) into a enclosed trailer: A medium sized smoker, a deep fryer station, a grill/ griddle of some kind, etc. The biggest issue with this idea is that it seems most HD require enclosed structures for prepping. Which leads me into my next thoughts.
I am slowly learning about the different requirements that vary widely by the HDs. What I am confused about is the jurisdictions. If I prep everything to make the HD happy in the county I live in, then pack up and head to another state, how am I too know what the HD will require in that area? It seems my local HD requires a commissary; however I am not clear on if a trailer COULD be approved as such. If I lived in another county that did approve my trailer as a commissary, then I seek a permit in a county that does, how can they expect me provide an address to a HD inspected commissary if my county doesn’t require one?
Well it seems like a lot of questions for now. I wish I could hook up with someone experience locally. I am open to any suggestions and comments. Thank you.
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