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Wow. I thought this post was buried, never to be seen again. Surprised to find another dozen posts.

Originally Posted by Jukas View Post
Those look fantastic! What did the final cook time end up at? I picked up two racks yesterday that I'll be doing for dinner tomorrow, was planning on doing them 250ish like a brisket until they probed like butter and figuring 6hrs +/- cook time?
Thanks! It was 5+ hours at 275. The smaller rack was perfect. The larger rack could have used another 20min. They both were delicious but I'm my own worst critic. Nailed one but not the other. Much like when I cook two briskets at the same time.

Originally Posted by Heisenberger View Post
If I were to cook a whole rack of short ribs (like the ones in these pics) on my UDS, would I want to cook it bones up or bones down? flip half way? Last time I cooked a full rack or regular beef ribs (3 connected) bone side down, and the bones basically slipped right out of the meat. That's probably because it was overdone, and had nothing to do with fat side up or down. Then again I'm not so sure, that's why I'm asking...
My yoder has the heat source come from the bottom. I left bone side down the entire cook. One rack had an end bone that felt like it was about to wiggle loose which is why I decided it was close to done and sauced it up and let it go for only another 30 min. I will say that around the 4 hour mark, IT for both racks was around 200 with my thermapen. Because of all the comments about 'cooking til you think it's done and then cook it some more' I let them go and didn't temp them a single time again. I went the rest of the way by feel. They went for another 90 minutes or so after that.

Originally Posted by firefighter4634 View Post
Those are looking really good. Might have to buy some of them and give uhmm a try.
Go get 'em!

Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
Looks like you pretty much nailed those, WOW!

Thanks!!! They were mighty fine the next day as well!
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