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For sure. Ironically, I'm a bit conflicted. Haha.

One on hand, I'd like to finish the ECB mods, add the rope/gasket to the lid, take it for a maiden voyage and see if it's any good. But from my research, the best option still looks like finishing it would involve modding the WSJ, at least a tad. I also don't, at least right away, have a need for a portable smoker, which is essentially what the mini WSM is.

On the other hand, the mini WSM looks like it has some physical advantages, namely the bottom, and it sounds like it holds temps better...but its capacity is less then the modded ECB I'd imagine.

Plus, my wife would probably kill me if I started off with 2 new smokers. I'd need to smoke a chicken or two first, though I generally live high on the hog with baby backs. Have never tried a pork butt, but want to.

Anyway, if it's between the modded ECB which I've started and the mini WSM, what direction would you go in? I figure if I go the ECB route, I can always put the mini WSM together for under $100.
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