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Originally Posted by willbird View Post
If you have a buddy with a lathe you can get him to drill a hole right down the middle of a hex head bolt for you to get a nicer fit on some thermo's than the lamp parts.

You might still be able to make a ring to fit inside the drum to guide the drips down into the drum ?? How to fasten it to the bowl....hmmmm. If you could find stainless strip, and a guy with a tig welder......:-).

I have a smaller drum like that for a mini uds but am haunting CL for a the smaller weber for a lid.

Bill, Yes, I was not smart enough to think of adding tall metal to top of drum to get height, before I plunked the $coots (16) for the bowl. Might be cheaper and quicker, but offer neg consequences...oh well...well I did, sorta, but the shiny thing got a flashing chicksa...
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