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Originally Posted by willbird View Post
OK you have a threaded thermo, the ones I have were from the turkey fryer kits and they just have a smooth stem around 1/8" in dia, no threads.

I have not had major luck finding any weber deals on CL.
Yes, my son reminded me of that also...his thermo is not threaded. I had not thought of that being different etc.

I think a plain nut drilled smooth for sensor shaft would work. I am figuring in future I might end up with such a thermo too.

Whatever works, seems the common theme. I still figure to put in top and factor in temp diff when reading and put reminder on edge clue...baking cinnamon rolls at moment, can't do squat for the rain and snow, and it is too early to swig.

CL listings vary all over the place...when local college ends sessions, cruise around and/or post a wanted note on union bulletin board. We have two Universities here and sometimes the students just leave the kettles...

And you have to understand, I have no clue what I am doing - :]
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