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Originally Posted by willbird View Post
If you have a buddy with a lathe you can get him to drill a hole right down the middle of a hex head bolt for you to get a nicer fit on some thermo's than the lamp parts.

You might still be able to make a ring to fit inside the drum to guide the drips down into the drum ?? How to fasten it to the bowl....hmmmm. If you could find stainless strip, and a guy with a tig welder......:-).

I have a smaller drum like that for a mini uds but am haunting CL for a the smaller weber for a lid.

+1...Will, thanks. I figure I better see how bad it is first...

I was going to have a friend drill a hole in a bolt, but he said

I should find a nut that fits the screw (6 metric) part or just drill any larger ss one out and have someone spot weld the nut to the metal and screw the thermometer in when in use and fill with short bolt when not, if that makes sense.

Weber top makes sense to me. You have a college community nearby, hit that area shortly...for Weber stuff at reduced prices :]
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