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Default Charcoal pan mods to an ECB

Awesome forum. I'm new to smoking but have already started making the suggested mods to an ECB. Having done the research and seen the different ways to mod the charcoal pan and ash catcher, I've gone ahead and bought a Weber Smokey Joe Gold, as opposed to using Randy's approach with the stainless steel rods.

I'd like to essentially replicate Alien's method here:

However, I can't find anything to use for the clips to enable the charcoal pan to sit on top of the ash catcher, but with enough space in between to promote good air flow (after I drill the holes in the charcoal pan for the ash to exit, obviously).

I was at HD last weekend, and the only suggestion I was given were 1" L-shaped brackets, but they were zinc coated. I also thought about those holders for dish towels that you can put on the back of cabinets but I'm looking for somethign cheaper, obviously.

Any ideas? Thx in advance.
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