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Got Wood.
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Savage, Hesmells and Will,

I think it is 19" diameter, 20-22 quarts and heavy SS. Was 15 $coots.

Yes the link is the bowl...the biggest one they had. I knew it had to extend from edges...which may mean grease migration and drips, not sure. I wanted added height, and decided against adding iron or alum ring for Weber top--now have whole Weber to sell...

As to temp at grille "where meat is" I understand, but figured to simply factor in the diff by moving the prime temp spot to TDC on dial, to limit basket problems.

But, maybe in side is better, using lamp pipe to close when removed, to remove during winter storage here...gets cold...

BUT, remember I have a smaller 30 gal drum, with 19 inch top

AND, that SS is a PIA to open with hole saw.

And may be grease drips issues later...not sure...

Also, you will have to drill at least 4 5/16 holes for rain and three size 10 bolts at angle or where screws, double nutted, will contact barrel to keep lid on in wind...or sliding off.

I bought bowl and now am honestly thinking a wide soft iron ring bolted to inside of top would have been easier and as effective, with mid-sized Weber lid.

Just my thoughts.

That vendor has the best service I have seen to date...from any on-line source. Moreover, one item was cancelled and they notified me immediately. Great source for kitchen stuff.
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