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Originally Posted by BobBill View Post
Am newbie, but have been lurking for a long time.

Read the entire UDS thread and built a small version, with son's help and have one question which was not really answered.

Heat rises...why not have thermometer in lid and factor in temp diff, instead of down by grille surface? Besides, with this narrow grille, wouldn't a lid version preclude problems when removing basket/cage and lower grilles?

I used 22-inch wide SS salad bowl for the top to gain height, with drafted chimney in center and tried to add pic to give ideal.

BTW, for those interested, I acquired the bowl on line from Amazing fast service.

Due to crappola weather here, have yet to fire it up or remove interior anti rust.
I'm kinda liking the bowl :-).....I suppose you could put a bung in the lid to allow sliding a thermo in that still had it's tip at grate level. It can be a fumble fark pulling thermo's to move grates if you forget til you open the lid :-).

Is this the bowl you used ?? It says 19" ?? EDIT now I see you said 22" ;-)
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