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Originally Posted by scotts1919 View Post
@Schmoke- If i did brine, what kind of brine time would you think i would need?
When I read '15% solution', I translated that as a fancy-schmancy way to say there was a bunch of water and what the meat co. calls 'broth' added to the meat, primarily to make the bird heavier, and you pay meat price for the added water.

If the package states 'pre-brined', well that changes things a bit. In my experience, it's NEVER brined long enough. It's partially brined, and you have NO IDEA how much more brining it needs. It's not like you can sample some of the juice, you know.

If it's just injected/enhanced with 15% 'solution', I've never considered that brining. I've brined those just fine.

You asked how long to brine it. I can only tell you what *I* would do.

If it is pre-brined, I wouldn't brine it at all. Underbrined is better than overbrined. And it's gonna be underbrined.

If it doesn't say pre-brined ... boy, SIX pounds is a big ol' turkey breast. If it says 15% solution added, you just KNOW it's at least 20%, so I'm gonna say there's 4 1/2 pounds of meat there. A *general* guideline is brine one hour per pound. I would brine it at least three hours, no more than four.
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