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Default Duck Prosciutto

I had a couple of duck breasts (this is not the woodpile ) and decided to make proscuitto with them. The one the left is from a Pekin duck that I broke down for a different project and the one on the right from a Moulard that I ordered just to make the proscuitto.

Seasoned them both with a mix of pink salt (Instacure 1), bay leaves, thyme, juniper berries, black pepper, and garlic. Packed them in kosher salt one on top of the other with salt in between and into the fridge. The top one got covered after the pic.

Gave them just over 24 hours then dug them out.

Rinsed them under cold water and dried them off. Wrapped in cheese cloth and hung to dry for a week. The weather wasn't cooperative, so I moved them around to where ever seemed ideal at the time, in the basement, in the garage, when there was a nice breeze, I hung them in the window.

After 8 days, the pekin breast felt ready. I weighed it and it had lost almost 30% of its original weight so I figured I was good to go.

Slice thin and been eating on it for a couple of days now and adding it to various dishes as the urge hits.

Last night, I fried some potatoes in duck fat and added some of the proscuitto. Topped with a (chicken) egg and was good to go.

Trying to pace myself on it so I can do a side by side comparision between the Pekin and Moulard, but it is taking it's sweet time, hopefully 3 or 4 more days on it.

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