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Originally Posted by Yoder_lover View Post
I have tried almost every brand on the market. I have found lumberjack to produce the results that I like best. I have found they produce the most amount of smoke in the pellet units that I use. I have a FEC120, Yoder YS640 and a Yoder YS1320. I use 100% Mesquite pellets with 100% Hickory Pellets mixed together at home and I use 100% Hickory and 100% Cherry when I am doing competitions.
Your reply nails the answer to the original question...

Traeger pellets are not 100% of what you are purchasing. When you get Traeger hickory pellets the pellets are made of a blend of 30% hickory and 70% filler wood that is normally oak. I have had Traeger pellet users ask me, can you really tell the difference in wood flavors because I can't? and I reply the reason they can't tell the difference is because a large percentage of the pellet is oak and then explain Traeger's blend process.

BBQr's Delight is not 100% of what your purchasing either. Unless just like Traeger pellets you are purchasing oak pellets, then they are probably 100%.
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