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Default Comment Cards-Mandatory?

In lou of the previous thread on Judges Scoring, I was wanting to see if the powers at be and any comments from the Brethren would agree or disagree.

Personally I feel that an excellent way of us competitive cooks getting better is having an outside source, such as the judges, comment on our food, hence comment cards. I know that the Reps tell the judges to do comment cards, but in my 3 yrs of competing I have only had 1 comment card, which was well deserved.

So here is the question, if a team receives a score of 6 or lower should a comment card be mandatory?

We put alot of money, time, and effort into our cooks, so the least we could get is a comment card on why the score was 6 or lower. Agree?

This is post is not in a negative or mean way just a suggestion to help us get better.
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