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Please help a fellow Brethren out - I guess I'm new and I can't figure some of these things out.

OK, so this unit is a reverse flow unit, where the fire is made in the box below, and smoke / exhaust travels up the inside of the smoker walls, and out into the smoke chamber at the top, and then exits the flue at the base of the smoke chamber - Is that correct?

To control the temperature, you open or close the ball valve allowing precise flow of combustion air to the firebox - is that right? And in many cases, we could simply install a BBQ guru right onto the ball valve air inlet - is that the way it works?

If so, where I get lost is when I see these spinner wheels on the firebox door, presumably for combustion air? If we're controlling air with the ball valve, why do we need the pinwheels?

Sorry for the stupid questions . . . . .
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